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Why Ailyst

Ailyst is Enterprise-Friendly. We support the integration with Contact Centre Solutions such as Ameyo, Five9, Avaya, Cisco and Genesys.

Ailyst Intelligence provides the AI chat robot and voice robot development platform that achieve business results and we perform screening with the DNC Registry for you.

Ailyst Intelligence integrates with contact centre solution, listens to what the customer is saying on-call and gives real-time reply/suggestions to the contact centre’s agent. This increases the agent’s productivity by 50%.

Conversational AI platform that helps Fintechs and Enterprises automate Customer support, increase Customer Experience through AI-powered Chatbots and Voicebots across channels, integrated with back-end systems. Reduces Customer support cost by 40%.

Automate 80% of your call centre operations and improve customers experience.

Configure multi-lingual Chatbot and Voicebot. Dynamically switch languages.

Cognitive AI maintains context in complex conversations.

Seamlessly switch to a human agent from a Chatbot or Voicebot.

Key Features

NLP Engine

Building a knowledge base using advanced unsupervised deep learning models from structure and unstructured data.

Self Learning AI

Speech-to-Text and NLP modules auto-learn from unlabelled voice data and user query and adds to the AI knowledge base.

Voice Biometric

Authenticate a user’s voice in real-time. All you need is 20-40 seconds of an audio log of a user to train a neural network model.

Speech to Text

End-to-end deep learning-based speech recognition that performs well with noisy environments and different accents.

Text to Speech

Neural TTS system synthesises high quality natural sounding speech depicting a human conversation.


Self-learns from user-agent chat. Bot admin can do supervised learning to continuously improve bot performance.

Our Solutions

Your Pain Points

  • Telemarketer's Pain
  • Management’s Pain
  • Ailyst Intelligence
  • Negotiating for employment benefits & higher production incentives.
  • Speaking professionally with the technical terms in multiple languages.
  • Speak out of context to secure appointment.
  • Emotional Fatigue due to rejection.
  • Constantly staying enthusiastic and productive is unsustainable.
  • Office rental cost and higher business expense.
  • Higher cost to hire a professional with a sweet voice.
  • Violation of the law.
  • Waste of Leads.
  • Waste of time and cost to rehire and re-train.
  • Fixed cost and even lower average cost with more bots engaged on company level.
  • Customised sweet voice with zero speaking errors in multiple languages.
  • Stay with the script and stay out of trouble.
  • 24/7 tireless & positive voice.
  • Analyse from recording and improve on the script. No training required.

Our intelligence

What can Ailyst do for you?

Ailyst takes over your mundane and time-consuming workload by engaging your contact for the purpose of securing appointments, acquiring business opportunities and/or maintaining customers relationship.

Replace human telemarketer with Conversational AI Robot that will engage prospects across chat and voice channels and increase the number of secured appointments/closures. Save yourself from dealing with your telemarketer’s complaints about physical and emotional fatigue from rejection, without violating MAS guidelines as AI Robo does not deviate from the script. A fixed cost for you without having to worry about employment and incentive benefits.
Ailyst Voicebot integrates with your contact centre solution and automates 60% of the inbound and outbound calls. Voicebot can transfer the call to a human agent or hang-up the call. Ailyst allows users to continue the conversation through chat channels such as WhatsApp or Text.
Conversational Voicebot, integrated with your contact centre, has the capability to up-sell or cross-sell financial products to existing customers. Voicebot can blast calls to inform customers about specific products/promotion and secure appointments.

Industries For Our Solutions

i. Advertising Companies

Advertising companies engage call centres to acquire customer satisfaction and retention so as to reinforce their corporate brand and image.

ii. Government Sectors

With high volume of call in due to different Government sectors, call centres and technicians are engaged to service the people promptly and professionally.

iii. Financial Industry

Telemarketing services has always been used to generate leads for new customers while customer service hotline is set up to handle daily high volume of calls to enquire on policy information, payment matters, etc.

iv. Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit organization lifeline is dependent on the contributions from their donors hence the need for the services of answering calls from contributors and making calls to prospect potential donors.

v. Property Management

Engagement of call centre can be the solution to taking care of customers and their need and meeting customers service goals on a daily basis.

vi. Publishing

Telemarketing services to increase customer subscription base and foster brand development and demographi-based lead generation.

vii. Retail Sector

Retail sectors relies on call centre services with telemarketing personnel to provide professional and reliable services that represent company’s brand and image.

viii. Technology Industry

Technology industry like Autodesk, EMC, Sony, General Electirc, etc, have highly relied on call centre services for decades.

ix. Telecommunication & Wireless

Telecommunication companies have extensive engagement of call centre in providing after sales services for their products like broadband, cable, satellite TV and wireless telecommunications industries.

x. Tourism

Tourism Boards engage the services of call centres to answer incoming queries and sharing of their travel experience.

xi. Transportation and Automotive

Top global automotive and transportation companies hire call centre services to save significant cost and time for calls and referrals.

xii. Utilities

Utility companies uses telemarketing services to acquire new customers as well as call centres to handle incoming calls on a daily basis in the matter of water, electricity or gas. Consumer’s confidence in the providers is highly dependent on their calling experience.

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